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IMPORTANT: Here is the official website of KIT High Range IQ Test. KIT High Range IQ Test posted outside of this site is invalid, unscored, and will not be accepted.

KIT (Kim's Intelligence Test) is a high range IQ test created by YoungHoon Kim. The standard IQ tests such as WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) measure up to IQ 160 (SD15), but KIT High Range IQ Test aims to measure up to at or above IQ 190 (SD15) theoretically. 

The high range IQ test was developed experimentally to measure IQ in the very high range. Human intelligence can be calculated statistically up to roughly IQ 195 (SD15) and high range IQ tests have been developed as a result of this statistical reason. 

The standardization method of these high range IQ tests is where these tests can be evaluated as having a strong experimental tendency. When these tests are standardized, obtaining sufficient data is difficult because the statistical range of the measurement range is extremely rare. Scores based on the preliminary norm are also subject to such skepticism. Even so, it is difficult to argue that the reliability and validity of high range IQ tests are not guaranteed, given that people who perform well on these tests also perform well on the official IQ tests. 

KIT Conversion System: The KIT High Range IQ Test devised a system that converts IQ scores obtained from two different types among verbal, numerical, spatial, and logical types into one IQ score. IQ scores of 185 (SD15) or higher in two different types are converted into a single IQ score of 190 (SD15). The cost of conversion can only be inquired by those who have obtained the corresponding IQ scores.

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