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KIT 7.0

Kim's Intelligence Test 7.0 (KIT 7.0) is a spatial high range IQ test developed by YoungHoon Kim in 2022. Please send your answers to, along with your ID photo with full name, nationality, age, gender, and all prior I.Q. scores. You can send ONE answer per question. The scoring fee is 55 USD. (Paypal: The test supports TWO attempts, and a raw score will be reported according to the current norm. You can also solve this test via PDF version. KIT 7.0 has been adopted by the GIGA Society and GIGA Network.

NOTE: When solving this test, you should not discuss it with anyone. You must solve this test by yourself, and do not share your solution with anyone.​ No part of this test may be published anywhere without the permission of the author.

Part One

KIT 5.0-10.jpg

Part Two

End of Test

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