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Korea Record Institue (KRI) 

The Korea Record Institute ( KRI ) officially certifies the highest records in South Korea

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Summary: A service provider that officially certifies South Korea's best records and requests certification review on behalf of South Korean record holders or challengers from internationally renowned and recognized overseas record certification agencies in the UK, EU, USA, and Asia. 

The Korea Record Institute ( KRI ) officially certifies the highest records, such as first, most, largest, smallest, and longest, of all things and social phenomena occurring in South Korea, and furthermore, it is a service company that mainly requests official record challenges and certification reviews from internationally renowned and recognized overseas record certification agencies in the UK, EU, USA, and Asia.

The purpose and background of the service is to take advantage of the specialized rarity of the best records held by individuals, groups, companies, local governments, festivals, etc. to secure the highest positioning. 

The Korea Record Institute started out as the Korea Record Certification Information Center in July 2001, changed its name to the Korea Record Institute in May 2004, and then converted to the Korea Record Institute Co., Ltd. on February 15, 2011.

Since its establishment, Korea Records Institute has certified South Korea's excellent records as the official best records. Furthermore, in addition to the Guinness Book of World Records in the UK, record judges from overseas record certification agencies such as the US, EU, and Asia have been invited to South Korea to hold various events.

As a result of such activities, in 2008, the organization was approved for incorporation for the purpose of certifying private records and promoting exchanges with overseas record management organizations. By providing the best record information to media outlets, groups, and institutions in various fields, the organization is widely publicizing the specialized record content of challengers and the policies of the government, local governments, companies, and organizations, thereby playing a role in activating record culture marketing.

The Korea Record Institute states that the best record contest categories include domestic politics, economy, society, science and technology, education and academia, culture, history, people, sports, etc., “all things and phenomena in the universe.” The best records are classified as the first, oldest, most, largest, and best in South Korea , and any South Korean citizen can apply without age or gender restrictions. 

Applications for the Korea Record Institute record challenge can be submitted via the website ( or fax (02-6008-4827). The applied records will be certified as the official best records by the Korea Record Institute through universal and reasonable certification procedures such as objective verification and public announcement by a third party, on-site inspection, measurement, production of records, and review by the record verification service team. Once certified as an official best record by the Korea Record Institute, an official certificate from the Korea Record Institute will be issued, and information on the record will be provided to media such as newspapers, magazines, broadcasts, and the Internet, and will also be registered on the Korea Record Institute website. In particular, excellent records will be requested for certification review by internationally renowned and recognized overseas certification companies including the Guinness Book of World Records(Guinness World Records).


NOTE: YoungHoon Kim, the creator of KIT High Range IQ Test was officially certified by the Korea Record Institute(KRI) as having the highest IQ in the world.

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